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Challenges to expanding your business internationally

Internationalization requires the company to reflect on some strategic factors, such as: 
- Selection of the target market: the selection of a country to begin or continue the internationalization process has to involve an analysis of the potential benefits and associated risks. It's important to have access to up-to-date information to make a decision.
- International organizational structure: setting up an international organizational structure and managing the relationship between the company's headquarters and its subsidiaries requires enough autonomy to react, adapt and innovate in new environments.
- Corporate governance: operating in business environments that are more competitive requires transparent management practices in order to ensure a strong relationships with investors, suppliers and other stakeholders.
- International human resources management: the challenge involves appointing international executives, developing international managers and managing multicultural teams working in different time zones.
- Risk management: the need to identify, evaluate, monitor and react to risks inherent to an international operation and specific to the company's business.
- Continual innovation: innovation is required to compete in the global market and depends on the continuous adoption of new practices, products and services.

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