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Apex-Brasil operates in one of the most important segments of the Brazilian economy, by giving support to exporting capital goods. Supplying the Brazilian industry, which is fully consolidated and diversified, the machinery and equipment sector stands out as the "factory of factories", ensuring the full operation and growth of the Brazilian industrial base.

The machinery and equipment sector integrates value chains, which make up for a diverse Brazilian supply. With a good position in the international market, Brazil faces competition from developed countries, regarding quality and industrial tradition, as well as developing countries, which offer competitive prices due to the low cost of their inputs and labor.

Brazil has a privileged position in the global market of agricultural commodities, giving the manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment a prominent position as suppliers for different markets such as Africa and Asia, as well as traditional grain producers such as the United States.
The international prestige of Brazilian companies - such as Embraer, third largest manufacturer of regional air transportation equipment, and Vale, leading the global industry in ore extraction and long-distance transportation -, endorse the Brazilian offer of parts and services for the aviation industry, and heavy equipment for the mining sector.

The examples above are just a few among many, and they justify the success of exports of capital goods for a wide range of industrial sectors, such as food, fashion items, metal industry, electronics, etc. Among the countries receiving Brazilian exports, we can mention the USA, Germany, and Japan, along with Angola in Africa, as well as our neighbors in South America, especially Colombia and Argentina.

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