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How we can help

Apex-Brasil is the national investment promotion agency for Brazil. Our services are free of charge, and our goal is to help foreign companies and investors find their way to prosper in Brazil through great investment opportunities. 


Apex-Brasil’s efforts are focused to attract two types of FDI to Brazil: 
1)  either FDI by foreign companies willing to set up production facilities in Brazil and take advantage of the presence in one of the biggest and most dynamic markets in the world, or 

2)   Venture Capital that will help foreign investors have excellent returns with great investment opportunities and projects by outstanding, innovative and creative Brazilian companies.

FDI attraction


The Agency focuses on companies and projects that offer technological innovations and new business models, strengthen industrial supply chains, have a direct impact on national job creation and improve the volume and diversity of Brazilian exports.


The Agency is prepared to assist in all steps of the investor’s decision-making process. Our service portfolio ranges from identifying and contacting potential investors for a particular industry segment to supporting a future investor understand Brazil. 


We prepare analyses covering industry sectors and markets, economic trends, and general guidelines on legal and fiscal matters, and we provide information on input costs, suitable locations and talent pool availability. Using an extensive network of companies, associations and authorities, Apex-Brasil also acts as liaison between potential partners, key suppliers and regulatory and local authorities.


The Agency also supports foreign investors willing to identify local companies, universities and research centers to establish partnerships, joint-ventures or other types of collaboration. Moreover, Apex-Brasil can help capital investors and in the process of identifying opportunities, projects and companies for venture capital and private equity investments in the country.


If you wish to have Apex-Brasil’s support to make your investment project become a reality in Brazil, click here


Venture Capital


In the field of Venture Capital, Apex-Brasil aims to strengthen Brazilian companies by increasing its competitiveness through capital investments. Besides adding financial resources to expansion projects, venture capital or private equity can also contribute to improve the company’s management. 


Brazilian companies – either startups or medium-sized ones - have great opportunities at stake for foreign capitalist investors, and Apex-Brasil works to identify the most interesting portfolio projects, train the companies to help them structure their offer, and finally promote investment rounds and venture forums to bring Brazilian companies and investors together for real business.


A Program that is being very successful since 2012 is the Startup Support Program, in partnership with many institutions and, most recently, with the Brazilian Startups Association (ABStartups), to develop a series of actions that will help leverage investments to these entrepreneurships. 


Brazilian Funds are also highly competitive in the Venture Capital industry, and Apex-Brasil, in cooperation with the Brazilian Association of Venture Capital and Private Equity (ABVCAP), works to promote investment for these funds, through specific rounds, forums and other events. 


In summary, Apex-Brasil has a variety of products and services for Brazilian Companies, Brazilian Funds and Foreign Venture Capital Investors, such as: 
- Coaching for Brazilian Companies who wish to attract venture capital
- Venture Forums
- Investment Rounds
- Portfolio of Investment Projects


If you are a Brazilian company and wish to have Apex-Brasil’s support to attract investment for your project, please give us more details here


If you are a venture capitalist and wish to take part in the next Apex-Brasil’s investment rounds, please give us more details on your preferences here

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