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Brazilian fashion is a flagship for the positive exposure of the country abroad. Today, Brazil stands out in several productive sectors, such as the textile chain, gems and precious metals manufacturing, leather for shoes, and footwear components, with sales of over US$ 90 billion. Brazil's fashion is sustainable, original and creative, and these attributes are among the competitive advantages that boosted Brazilian exports in this sector to the US$ 9 billion mark in 2013. The country gains with job creation, and the world benefits with the quality of the products.


The Brazilian textile and clothing industry stands out in the world scenario, not only for its professionalism, diversity, and technology, but also for the size of its textile park. It is the sixth largest industry in the world, the second largest denim producer, and the third in knitted products. The country is one of the few that has a fully integrated textile and production chain, which corresponds to 5.7% of manufacturing GDP and employs 1.6 million people according to 2013 data, making it the second largest job generator in the Brazilian manufacturing industry. The textile and clothing sector companies produce everything from raw materials (natural and chemical fibers) and weaving, all the way to the final product (clothing, bedding, table cloths, and towels). 


Self-sufficient in cotton production, Brazil produces 9.8 billion clothing articles a year, and is a worldwide reference in beachwear, jeanswear, and bed & bath items. 


In the field of leather, the country stands out as one of the largest producers. Brazilian leather products are present in China, Italy, and the United States. Vietnam is also one of our most significant buyers.


Leather is also the basis for the production of various types of shoes: men's, women's, children's, and orthopedic. Before reaching the store shelves around the world, Brazilian shoes go through a production process that involves modeling, raw material cutting, sewing, assembly, finishing, and packaging of the final product. In addition to leather shoes, synthetic shoes and rubber shoes produced in Brazil have also reached several international markets. More than 140 countries buy shoes from Brazil. Among the biggest buyers are the United States, Argentina, and Paraguay.  


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