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Be part of our Portfolio for Investment Projects

To fulfill its mission of attracting strategic direct investments to priority sectors in Brazil, and based on the development of new products and services under its Strategic Plan, Apex-Brasil has been building a portfolio of companies that will be attractive to new investment projects.


With this portfolio, Apex-Brasil intends to put produce a database of venture capital investment projects that can be presented to both Brazilian and foreign investors during prospecting missions and seminars in Brazil or abroad.


Profile of the companies selected

To be included in the portfolio, companies must provide a solution and/or business that:

  • Is innovative – regardless of whether it's a solution, product or business model;
  • Involves some kind of technology (not necessarily digital technology);
  • Is scalable to international markets;
  • Is difficult to be reproduced by third parties (preferably involves patented products);
  • Has a fully functioning prototype (MVP - Minimum Viable Product);
  • Has a consolidated client base;
  • Generates revenue;
  • Has already received investments from seed accelerators, angel investors and/or investment funds.


The advantages of being part of the portfolio

The companies selected to be part of the portfolio will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in networking sessions in Brazil and abroad where they can present their projects to investors;
  • Improve their business plan with knowledge available on the "Passaporte Para o Mundo" (Passport to the World) platform and by consulting with specialized consultants;
  • Participate in a sales pitch training program in English or Portuguese provided by a company that specializes in this type of training;
  • Be introduced to foreign investors by Apex-Brasil employees during investor outreach missions;
  • Have a summary of their project posted on the Apex-Brasil website, making it more visible to investors.


Selection processes

We will soon publish an official notice with the selection criteria for companies to be included in the portfolio. Stay tuned to the Apex-Brasil social media pages.

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