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Brazil is a global player regarding exports of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and products, as well as health products and services, including medical and dental equipment, pharmaceutical chemicals and medicines, biotechnology, personal hygiene products, perfumes, and cosmetics.


The country stands out as one of the highest investors in technology-intensive sectors. Brazilian products and services are exported to major destinations both in developed regions such as North America and Europe as well as in regions where technology is growing, such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


Brazil also stands out in the pharmaceutical industry, which includes the preparation and handling of raw materials and medicines sold in markets that consume the latest technology applied to both human and animal health solutions.


The Brazilian industry of medical and dental articles already serves more than 180 markets, selling products and equipment such as incubators, implants, prostheses, as well as hospital, dental, and radiology consumables. By creating a trust relationship with many consumer markets, the country strengthens its image as a global competitor, setting out as a highly competitive, cost-effective option in its offers.


Another highlight is personal hygiene, perfumes, and cosmetics. Hair and skin products, as well as perfumes, take the image of Brazil and the Brazilian standard of beauty and personal care to several countries, including distant markets in Asia.


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