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Multi-sector Investment Rounds

Complying to its mission of promoting foreign direct investments into Brazil, Apex-Brasil has been holding Multi-sector Investment Rounds, which are events to showcase investment opportunities in Brazilian companies of the most diverse industries, and also to discuss the business environment in Brazil, among other topics of general interest to investors. Furthermore, in these events Apex-Brasil promotes one-to-one meetings between companies and investors (which can be Brazilian funds and international investors).

At first, Apex-Brasil identifies Brazilian companies interested in attracting investments via funds or by means of joint-ventures. Presentations are given on the project to industry associations and other professional organizations, and a public selection process is opened. Next, Apex-Brasil categorizes the information provided by the participant companies’ Executive Summaries, sent by a form provided electronically by Apex-Brasil. The executive summaries are examined by an examining board set up by Apex-Brasil to select the qualified companies for subsequent in-person presentation of their projects to the board. The criteria for selecting companies are as follows:


  1. The opportunity to be taken advantage of, based on the services offered by the company;
  2. Size of the market in which the company operates, its entry barriers and market growth level;
  3. Applicability of the company’s services and their usefulness to society in general;
  4. Expected ROI;
  5. Quality of the company’s team and adequacy of the main executives’ competencies for corporate success.


Moreover, participant companies whose summaries are approved by Apex-Brasil qualify for a third stage in which they present their opportunities to a board composed by  Apex-Brasil’s Investment team and other market professionals. Depending on the number of places available to the Investment Round, qualified companies who have presented their projects to the board and  been approved  , will be invited to a coaching session aimed at preparing them to present their opportunities to invited investors.


The opening of applications for Multi-Sector Investment Rounds selections are made available eventually. 

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