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The Export Venture Forum is an initiative organized by Apex-Brasil and the Brazilian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (ABVCAP). The purpose of this forum is to select export companies or companies that are in the process of going international, that have business with markets of high potential for growth, and innovative characteristics in their production processes or business models and that need to raise funds to expand their activities.


Approved companies will be offered training with industry professionals like auditors, law firms, fund managers and partners like the Brazilian Institute of Investor Relations (IBRI). Next, the companies selected in the training will begin an individualized coaching program with market consultants, training them to produce or improve their investment pitch. Throughout the meetings, both in person and virtual, the businesspeople are advised on a variety of topics, such as: approaching investors, how to present their companies and their projects and best practices to maximize success in attracting investments.


While the training is being given, the forum organization team will present investment opportunities to the equity investment fund managers, working to match entrepreneurs and investors. On the day of the event and after presentation of the opportunities to the public, all the participants are invited to get together in a business round to exchange information on companies and projects.

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